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UPDATE: With most of the other ebook membership sites closed down.  The best bet for cheap eBooks is good ol Amazon, or check out Ebook-Services below for a large selection of free ebooks.

The Amazon Kindle App.  The Kindle app is optimized for downloading books to your computer and then transferring them to your kindle.  providing users the ability to read Kindle books using an easy-to-use interface.

This webpage sort of impressed me initially, because it was fairly easy to use, and it seemed to have quite a few of the books on our test list.  It worked flawlessly, helping me add tons of books to my kindle. The only drawback was the price of each book.

So I thought I would pit the Kindle site against our other sites listed here. Lets see how it does shall we?

Now Amazon has always intrigued me in a way as you will read on the amazon kindle app for iPad review.  Most people don’t know this, but they are a huge “tech” company offering a wide array of services for internet users. From entertainment to coding tools, to cloud services, they pretty much have you covered.

The first thing that struck me was the interface was good on the Kindle. It was pretty fast, easy to use and navigate.  One thing I had trouble with was the search function.  for some reason it was not working.  Maybe it was something on our test Kindle, but I doubt it.  Seemed more of a server side issue to me.

Technical support was hard to get ahold of during our tests.  I know you would think with a big company like Amazon it would be good but nope.. not it our tests.

Price was pretty much on par with iTunes and the App store, $10-$20 a book.. not good.  I was able to find some books for $5 but there were not that many and they seemed to be pretty obscure titles.

I have always hated iTunes, especially on a Windows computer, so my opinion may be moot, but I just don’t like the iTunes style design.

Speed was not great either, but it is the Kindle, which has a pretty slow processor.  In our test we downloaded 10 books ranging in size from 5 mb to 15 mb, at a time of 20:54. Too long for me.

There are no other compatible eReaders with this app, It is Kindle only folks.

In Closing, unfortunately this software disappointed me. It struggles to meet my high expectations after using The Novel Network, and with pricing the same as the app store for iPad, I consider it Highway robbery.